Sep 27

Exercising For 10 Minutes On These Machines, Is The Equivalent Of 2 Hours Of Regular Training!

The use of whole body vibration is become more and more popular . It is widely used in rehab, physical therapy, amateur and professional sports as well as for beauty and health. Whole Body Vibrations Massage the entire body. The vibrations rendered by the motor vibrate the one standing on the platform. These vibrations cause the muscles to pulsate(contraction and detraction) immediately resulting in increased circulation without the effort of conventional exercise, This rendering the effect of 2 hours of conventional exercise in only 10 minutes! Whole Body Vibration is highly appropriate for people who have difficulty exercising because of illnesses, disorders, old age, excess weight or injury. Athletes widely use this product for muscle stimulation without the painful stress on joints.

Crazy Fit Massage Medical Advantages

* Weight Loss for slimming and shaping the body
* Toning Muscles and enhanced lymphatic drainage
* Muscle Strengthening
* Anti-cellulite by promoting blood flow to problem areas
* Significant hormonal effects from training
(Increased Testosterone and growth hormone)
* Decreased Cortisol (stress hormone)
* Enhances skin and tissue elasticity
* Increases bone density for the prevention and
* treatment of Osteoporosis

The vibrations also cause density buildup of the bones, activating bone building cells, while lowering the eliminating the cells which break bones down. This results in improvement in muscle power, posture and balance. Studies involving the elderly have proven that all these problems can be improved and eliminated using Whole Body Vibration Systems. Studies comparing The Crazy Fit Massage Whole Body Vibration training to traditional strength training have found similar gains in strength. Adding Whole Body Vibration to strength training increases the effects of strength training. Research has also shown positive effects in areas such as pain management, treatment and prevention of osteoporosis, Multiple Sclerosis, and other ailments. Whole Body Vibration is a far better alternative than the dangerous orthodox prescription medications. Whole Body Vibrations POSITIVELY affects You entire body musculature, internal organs, glands, as well as the brain which experiences physiological changes. Thus resulting in improved rehabilitation of injuries or surgery than traditional methods of therapy. The Crazy Fit will even help people to lose harmful deeply hidden fat that surrounds the abs which link to type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure and heart disease.


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