Jul 02

Home Fitness Equipment Strategies To Help You Stay Fit

Home fitness equipment is a great way to get in shape because it’s easier to actually get the exercise done. You don’t have to worry about driving to the gym, using their showers, or finding childcare. With home fitness equipment, you just get on it and do it. What types work best? It all depends on your workout needs. Here are a few important tips to consider.

Evaluating Claims

The Federal Trade Commission urges consumers to scrutinize the claims of home fitness equipment. Some make elaborate and false claims regarding the equipment’s effectiveness. If it sounds too good to be true, it’s probably just a good sounding scam. Keep your expectations realistic. Don’t go for miracle exercise equipment.

Watch out for home fitness equipment that offers to help “spot reduce,” meaning focus weight loss on one area of the body. To tone and lose weight in one area, you need to work out the whole body. Your weight depends on the number of calories you eat and burn every day. Exercise burns calories regardless of where you do it, so it is beneficial to weight loss.

Equipment Care

Caring and proper maintenance for home fitness equipment is essential for safety and longevity purposes. The better you keep up on repairs, the longer it will last and the safer it will be. Always give your equipment a once over after using it. Make sure all screws are in place and that the structure is solid. Make sure weights are safely secured. Check to make sure gears are properly oiled. If something needs repaired, take care of it immediately. Don’t let your equipment break down mid-workout.

Remember to Use Mats

Mats are cheaper than doctor bills. Always make sure your home fitness equipment is well protected with durable mats, especially if you are using equipment that might take you down with it. This is especially true if dismounts are likely. You may want to cut the mat to fit the apparatus and leave it around the machine permanently.

Make Exercise Family Time

Exercising as a family is a great way to get the whole house in shape. Choose equipment that can be used by everybody. Start a log and record each others’ progress. It’s a great way to bond as a family and help prevent obesity. Families can challenge and encourage each other to follow through on workouts. It’s a wonderful time for sharing and great family fun!

Buy Equipment You’ll Actually Use

No home fitness equipment does any good when you never take it out of a box, or worse, land it in the basement as a permanent fixture you forget about. It’s important to buy equipment that you are likely to use. Choose equipment that mimics activities that you love. Keep the fun in the exercise, and you’re more likely to follow through on your exercise program successfully.


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