Aug 08

Molly Prather, Memphis – A Fitness Trainer And A Health Advisor

Molly Prather Memphis is a professional fitness trainer and a health advisor for her clients. Since motivation is important to stick to a fitness program, she considers it as her duty to keep her students motivated to follow a fitness program. She knows that people get bored easily by following a single exercise routine for a long period of time. Thus, she keeps on changing exercising plans from time to time in order to maintain the interest of the students. She also teaches her students the benefits of each and every exercise and activity. She is so smart that she weaves the fitness training into the daily routine of her students, i.e. she tells the right way to sleep, eat and walk so that it has a good impact on the body weight, physique and overall health.

Molly Prather is a trained person who has a lot of knowledge about the exercises and physical activities depending upon different health and physical conditions of people. She is also aware of good food habits and healthy diet which are directly associated to fitness. Her clients love to perform under her guidance, because she helps them make their routines livelier.er.

Molly Prather did her Bachelor’s Degree in Exercise Science from Morehead State University Coed and is ACSM (American College of Sports Medicine) certified trainer. She won 4 UCA national championships when she was in university pursuing her Bachelors’ Degree. She was also in university’s Track & Field team as a pole vaulter and sprinter. She also has professional experience in the field of fitness. She worked in WellWorx Sporting Clubs as a Corporate Wellness Director, where her job responsibility was to manage the employees’ wellness programs for large businesses and hospitals. So, she has vast experience in handling fitness programs, even large group fitness classes. She is able to give full personal attention to each and everybody in a large group.

Molly Prather Of Memphis is an excellent health advisor and a guide for anyone, whether one wants to lose weight, tone up his/her legs and arms, get fit and perfect, and wants to have a healthy mind and body. With Molly Prather, one can learn to execute the exercises in a proper manner to have its full effect on the body.


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