Jul 08

Studios Group Martial Arts Fitness

At Studios Group Martial Arts Calgary we incorporate fitness in virtually every aspect of our martial arts workout. We strive to be the martial arts classes for fitness Calgary talks about the most. First we incorporate yoga style stretching to increase everyone’s flexibility which prevents injuries and allows everyone to train harder. Yoga based stretching allows people of almost any age to train and improve their flexibility. Every student at our club improves their flexibility regardless if they are 5 years old or 55 years old.

Our fast paced program always give you a great cardio-vascular workout whether it is kicking, patterns, sparring or strength & flexibility training. We do a lot kicking techniques which definitely provides our students with a great martial arts workout. Our patterns are done in according to the World Championship Style (WCS). WCS patterns incorporate tremendous hand speed, high kicks and hip power which all leads to a great workout. We perform light contact sparring in our regular classes which provides an excellent anaerobic workout with virtually no chance of serious injury.

Studios Group Martial Arts Calgary incorporates strength training in several different ways. We have basic calisthenics which we include in every warm-up. Several times a month we add specific kicking and striking techniques which are designed to specifically increase strength. We also do leg strengthening kicking techniques that dramatically improves everyone’s core and leg strength such as lunge kicks and resistance training.

Coordination is a key element in every fitness program, and it something we also concentrate on. We train all our students to increase their coordination by continually challenging them with new and more complex techniques. We perform some of the most spectacular martial techniques in the country which can be achieved by all of our students. Our graduated curriculum allows steps to develop coordination to levels they never thought possible. How can we achieve all this? We have some of the most technical instructors in the country that have come to us from all around the world. We have Instructors from Africa, England, Mexico, and of course Canada. The high instructor to student ratio (1:7) at Studios Group Martial Arts Calgary also allows for students to always be active while still being able to learn high level techniques. We truly believe we have created one of the best fitness/martial arts systems in the world.


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