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Workouts And Aerobics At Fitness Zone Goa

What you see Fitness Zone in Miramar, Goa is situated in the famous Clube Tennis De Gaspar Dias right before Caf Coffee Day (assuming you are travelling in the direction towards Donapaula).

Fitness enthusiasts are seen shaping up to high intensity workouts the moment you enter into this powerhouse. A huge mirrored wall enables members to get glimpses of themselves as they exercise. The carpeted flooring gives the gym a highly sophisticated yet comfortable feel.

The gym is well equipped with advanced, modern equipment and machinery utilized for workout sessions. A stylish dumbbell stand is included as well. Further, a separate section is dedicated for stretching and flexibility workouts for the abs. Motivational pictures on fitness embellish this side of the wall.

A consultation table is provided too for those wanting to discuss any personal matters on fitness with certified personal trainer and sports nutritionist George Sequeira who is also the owner of the gym along with wife Colleen Sequeira.

Notice boards highlighting updates and news about the gym are present to keep members well versed with the latest in offers. Washrooms and changing rooms are provided.

What you get Fitness Zone is a highly efficient unisex gym in terms of equipment as well as service. All workout sessions are conducted by certified trainers.

Special biangular facilities in equipment to suit all shoulder and chest workouts are provided. These are scientifically advanced and help members in attaining targeted benefits in body building such as more muscle definition and specification.

The Gravitron machine is known to provide weight assistance and is great for widening and shaping the upper back. Similarly the Seated Calf Raise equipment benefits by allowing you to sit and workout.

Various customized fitness packages are offered at Fitness Zone for members to achieve their desired goals in weight loss, weight gain, body toning as well as muscle building. These are offered in four, six and eight week programs. In addition, lifestyle consultations, weekly diet plans and body assessments are included. Special fitness programs for diabetic patients are undertaken as well.

Major emphasis is paid on personal training packages conducted by George Sequeira himself. Aerobics classes are undertaken here as well. You can even enroll yourself for an Aerogym program comprising gym sessions and aerobics (conducted on alternate days). The aerobics classes are conducted open-air on the club terrace with an enthralling view of the beautiful Miramar beach in front.

Our verdict Fitness Zone has wholesome focus on workouts, healthy eating and living. The gym has certified trainers giving it some credibility. Equipments are impressive. Parking space is available within the club premises.

Anytime between – 5.30 AM 11.30 AM and 4 PM 9.30 PM (Closed on Sundays)


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